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An integration of high end laboratory facilities, globally recognized domains and industry oriented expertise.

We have adopted a unique strategy to transform thousands of aspiring engineers with the support of industry professionals, research work, 1000+ live projects with product development exposure.

Training methodology & Delivery

Training is structured in such a way that it is focussed more on building practicle skills required for the industry. Will have online sessions on technology and mini projects as assignments.

600+ hours of skill training

This program is specially designed to build the experience by working on live projects so that student can meet employers requirement easily.

10 mini and 5 Major projects

We cover all the pre-requisites of that business model. What skills you need,what tools are needed and most importantly how much money you need to invest before getting started.

Record placements more than 95%

We have successfully nurtured careers of budding technical talent, growing high in companies like to name a few INTEL, MICROSOFT, IBM,BOSCH, SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, CISCO, Startups.

Knowledge is of no value unless you put into practice.

Internship Training At Intern Gurukul.

We have adopted a unique strategy to transform thousands of aspiring engineers with the support of industry professionals

Research work
Live projects & Product development exposure
Project Reviews
Unlimited hands-on technical skills embeds professionalism
Self-reliance and strong ethical Values
Competent Industry Ready Engineers
Personal career coaching
Resume shared with 300 + employers

Intern Gurukul invites candidates aiming for promising careers in core technological domains and willing to work for product based companies, Research, innovation and start-ups.

Course Syllabus

DATASCIENCE using R tool

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Measures of Central Tendency in Data
Measures of Dispersion
Understanding Skewness in Data
Bayes Theorem
Probability Distributions
Hypothesis Testing

Analysis of Variance and Covariance
One way analysis of variance
Assumption of ANOVA
Statistics associated with one way analysis of variance
Interpreting the ANOVA Results
Two way analysis of variance
Interpreting the ANOVA Results
Analysis of Covariance

R Installation & Walk-Through of R Studio
Understanding data structures in R - lists,matrices,vectors
Intro to R Programming
R Base Software
Understanding CRAN
RStudio The IDE
Basic Building Blocks in R
Understanding Vectors in R
Basic Operations Operators and Types
Handling Missing Values in R
Subsetting Vectors in R
Matrices and Data Frames in R
Logical Statements in R
Lapply, sapply, vapply and tapply Functions

Grammar of Graphics
Bar Charts
Pie Charts
Scatter Plots
Line Plots and Regression
Word Clouds
Box Plots

Anaconda Installation
Walk-Through of Jupyter
Python Basics
Data Structures in Python
Control & Loop Statements in Python
Functions & Classes in Python
Working with Data

Data Acquisition(Import & Export)
Selection and Filtering Sorting & Summarizing
Descriptive Statistics
Combining and Merging Data Frames
Removing Duplicates
Discretization and Binning
String Manipulation

What is EDA?
Processes in EDA
Handling Data Types
Univariate and Bivariate Analysis
Hypothesis Testing

Understand Time Series Data
Visualizing TIme Series Components
Exponential Smoothing
Holt's Model
Holt-Winter's Model

Time Series Analysis
White Noise
Python Implementation
Feature Engineering for Time Series Data

What is Clustering?
K-means Algorithm
Types of Clustering
Evaluating K-means Clusters

Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Scree plot
One-eigen value criterion
Factor Analysis

Machine Learning Modelling Flow
How to treat Data in ML
Parametric & Non-parametric ML Algorithm
Types of Machine Learning
Scikit-Learn Library

Introduction to Linear Regression
Linear Regression using Gradient Descent
Linear Regression using OLS
Linear Regression using Stochastic Gradient Descent

Introduction to Logistic Regression
Logistic Regression using Stochastic
Gradient Descent

Performance Measures
Bias-Variance Trade-Off
Optimization Techniques
Overfitting & Underfitting

Project Details

Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Credit Card Fraud Detection: A Comparison

In today's economic scenario, credit card use has become extremely commonplace. These cards allow the user to make payments of large sums of money without the need to carry large sums of cash. They have revolutionized the way of making cashless payments and made making any sort of payments convenient for the buyer.

Real-Time Smart Attendance System using Face Recognition Techniques

The management of the attendance can be a great burden on the teachers if it is done by hand. To resolve this problem, smart and auto attendance management system is being utilized. But authentication is an important issue in this system. The smart attendance system is generally executed with the help of biometrics. Face recognition is one of the biometric methods to improve this system.

Data Science Framework - Heart Disease Predictions, Variant Models and Visualizations

Heart disease refers to a condition where the blood vessels are blocked and the heart stops functioning. Many of the researches are concluded that this disease has become number one cause of death cases. It is alarmed that abnormalities can only be detected and recognized in its last stages. However it is curable if the person detects the disease earlier.

Prediction of chronic kidney disease (CKD) using Data Science

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a perennial condition where the kidneys deteriorate and stop functioning gradually. This disease has become one of the major public health concerns worldwide. It is insidious, often recognizable only by laboratory abnormalities until its latest stages.

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Knowx Inovation offers best internship for ece & cse aspirants who are pursuing B.E & is open up for students from II sem to VIII sem. Data Science is the buzz of today’s tech generation that will shape the future world and pave the path for your career. On completion of Data Science internship 2020 from Knowx you will acquire the basic concepts and techniques of Data Science to solve practical problems.