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An integration of high end laboratory facilities, globally recognized domains and industry oriented expertise.

We have adopted a unique strategy to transform thousands of aspiring engineers with the support of industry professionals, research work, 1000+ live projects with product development exposure.

Training methodology & Delivery

Training is structured in such a way that it is focussed more on building practicle skills required for the industry. Will have online sessions on technology and mini projects as assignments.

600+ hours of skill training

This program is specially designed to build the experience by working on live projects so that student can meet employers requirement easily.

10 mini and 5 Major projects

We cover all the pre-requisites of that business model. What skills you need,what tools are needed and most importantly how much money you need to invest before getting started.

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Internship Training At Intern Gurukul.

We have adopted a unique strategy to transform thousands of aspiring engineers with the support of industry professionals

Research work
Live projects & Product development exposure
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Unlimited hands-on technical skills embeds professionalism
Self-reliance and strong ethical Values
Competent Industry Ready Engineers
Personal career coaching
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Intern Gurukul invites candidates aiming for promising careers in core technological domains and willing to work for product based companies, Research, innovation and start-ups.

Course Syllabus

Internet of Things

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In depth understanding of IoT Hardware &systems, architectures, components and supporting technologies, Communication protocols. End to End IOT Eco-system.

Theories & Definitions –Identification, localization, wireless protocols, data storage and security;
Collecting, communicating, coordinating, and leveraging the data from connected devices;
Embedded systems, networks, Internet of everything, M2M Machine to Machine communication). Understand how to develop and implement IoT technologies, solutions, and applications. Artificial Intelligence, Automation using IOT.
Evolution of IIoT & Industry 4.0
IoT Implementation, Market statictics, future of IOT
Business opportunities: Product, services, Applications and case studies

IoT Network Architecture
IoT Device Architecture
IoT Application Architecture
Client Server vs Publish Subscribe Architecture

Sensors – Classification & selection criteria based on nature, frequency and amplitude of signal
Embedded Development Boards– Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, ESP8266,
Interfacing peripherals & Programming GPIOs – Input/output peripherals, Sensor modules
Design Considerations– Cost, Performance & Power Consumption trade-offs.

Wired Communication Protocols- UART, USART
Wireless Communication Protocols- Bluetooth and BLE, Zigbee, 6lowPAN, WiFi. Celluar, comparision RF Technologies. Low PAN - Low Power Personal Area Networks, Google Thread, Wi -SUN
Networking Protocols- OSI Reference Model, TCP/IP, Ethernet
IOT Application Protocols – HTTP, Web sockets, MQTT, CoAP
IOT Application Layer Protocols
RESTful HTTP, Rest Architecture, HTTP Request Methods
CoAP, CoAP Architecture, CoAP Features, CoAP Applications
H/W practical
MQTT,MQTT Architecture, MQTT Features, MQTT Packet structure and advance topics
H/W practical


IaaS, SaaS, PaaS models
Cloud components and services
Device Management, Databases, Visualization, Reporting, Notification/Alarm management, Security management, Cloud resource monitoring and management
Example platforms: ThingSpeak, Pubnub, AWS IoT
AWS IoT Services
Device Registry
Authentication and Authorization
Device Gateway
Rules Engine
Device Shadow

Case studies.
Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive
Analytics using Python: NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas and Sci-kit learn

Raspberry Pi 3, Arduino Mega, ESP8266 NodeMcu, Wi-fi/Bluetooth modules
Sensors: temperature sensor(LM35), IR, Humidity, RFID, Ultrsonic etc.
Breadboard, LEDs Resistors , Connecting wires.

1. Microcontrollers programming (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU). Interfacing Analog and Digital sensors with microcontroller to learn real-time data acquisition, storage and analysis.
2. Building HTTP and MQTT based M2M networks.
3. Interfacing SD card with microcontroller for data logging on IoT end devices using SPI protocol and Realtime clock for time and date using I2C protocol.
4. Python programming exercises on Raspberry Pi as a Hardware.
5. GPIO programming using Python and remote monitoring/control and uploading the data to cloud patforms.
6. Monitoring and controlling devices using android user apps and Bluetooth interfaces.
7. Building wireless sensor networks using WiFi.
8. Sensor data uploading on cloud using GSM/GPRS.
9. Device to device communication using LoRa modules.
10. Remote controlling machines using cloud based apps.
11. Remote controlling machines using device based apps through cloud as an intermediate node.
12. Interfacing Raspberry Pi with AWS IoT Gateway service.
13. Interfacing Raspberry Pi with PUBNUB cloud and MQTT protocol.

IOT Smart Parking in busy urban environment.
Monitoring of parking spaces availability in the city.
IOT Monitor Structural health
Monitoring of vibrations and material conditions in buildings, bridges and historical monuments.
IOT Noise pollution monitoring in Urban.
Sound monitoring in centric zones in real time.
IOT Traffic Congestion and warning systems.
Monitoring of vehicles and pedestrian for efficient traffic management for driving and walking routes.
IOT Smart Lighting
Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights.

Project Details

IoT based GAS leakage prevention

In this system it allows automated cylinder booking and also designed feature related to the safety of the user in which it continuously monitor the leakage of LPG gas and alerts the user regarding leakage to avoid major accidents which costs human lives mostly.

IOT for Automotive drivers for medical emergency

We are developing a Machine Learning project to determine the speed or pace of the vehicle/vehicles in km/hr using image processing technique. We are using tkinter to execute this project.

IOT for Solar electric energy in urban areas

Solar power plants need to be monitored for optimum power output. This helps retrieve efficient power output from power plants while monitoring for faulty solar panels, connections, dust accumulated on panels lowering output and other such issues affecting solar performance. So here we propose an automated IOT based solar power monitoring system that allows for automated solar power monitoring.


It monitors water leakages and it triggers actions like closing the main water entry, depending on the fault detected.Therefore, efficient use and water monitoring are potential constraints for home or office water management systems. Every living thing on earth needs water to survive.

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Knowx Inovation offers best internship for ece & cse aspirants who are pursuing B.E & is open up for students from II sem to VIII sem. IoT - internship in internet of things is a blend of both hardware & software technology. Online Internship in iot can be chosen by ece students and also by cse students which opens interns to explore both hardware components such as raspberry pi microcontrollers, wide variety of sensors and actuators as hardware part & set of programs which enable the data collection, storage, processing, manipulating and instructing to hardware components forms software part of iot which attempts connecting objects to the internet and also to each other - allowing people and objects themselves to analyze data from various sources in real-time and take necessary actions in an intelligent fashion. By doing summer internship training in iot from Knowx you will be able to understand the application areas of IOT, realize the revolution of Internet in Mobile Devices, Cloud & Sensor Networks. Able to understand building blocks of Internet of Things and characteristics also design & build iot devices on your own.