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More and more programmers are using Python and it's considered as the fastest-growing major programming language as the syntax of this language enables programmers to express necessary concepts in lesser lines of code.

What Knowx provide?

As a part of Interns training in python developer mode, you can learn how to install Python, distinguish between important data types and use basic features of the Python interpreter, IDLE. Also, you will learn about numeric, string, sequence and dictionary data types and relevant operations while practicing Python syntax.
Learn how to write programs using conditionals, loops, aerators and generators, functions and modules and packages.
Learn about the important features of OOP while using classes and objects: two main aspects of the OOP paradigm.

Projects based on Real time industrial requirements:

Python 2.x Python 3.x
IDE - pycharm
Standard libraries used are Opencv, Tensor flow, Tkinter, Dlib

Projects based on Real time industrial requirements:

Streaming sensor data from RASPBERRY PI to AWS IOT for monitoring and controlling of industrial appliances.
Real time video (webcam) capturing for drowsiness detection based on behavioral characteristics.
Vehicle speed detection by video streaming and classifying the types of vehicle using image processing concept.
Number plate detection using image processing based on IOT for toll collection system.
Data security and control with multi type authority and corresponding storage to cloud.
Web server based WI-FI security management system for coffee bar using Raspberry-pi.
Driver drowsiness identification utilizing PC vision based IoT and Raspberry pi.

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Python Programming Training Internship in KNOWX, you will be getting experience on

Python as machine learning.
Python for network security.
Python for Internet of things.
Python for data analytics.
Python for web applications, desktop apps.
Python for games…….

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’S)

  •  What is this training program about?

    • This is an Internship training program in the field of Python Programming Language. Students will be trained in the Python Basics, Classes and Graphics in Python.
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