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A sensor that monitors the environmental conditions like pressure, heat etc it detects the input through wireless links and generates the signal as an output which transmits to a controller. You should know how to deal with O.S, hardware and software w.r.t network sensor. The skills set acquired – Embedded systems, Power-saving technique, wireless coverage, time synchronization, web app, network simulation and databases. The tool TCL/TK is used and in the protocol – C++. Key applications in numerously varied military projects, effort tracking, effort management systems, Telecommunication.

What Knowx provide?

Through Intern in KNOWX you will be learning how to create WSN applications for areas including health care, utilities, and remote monitoring.
You will learn how wireless devices make less invasive patient monitoring and health care possible.
For utilities such as the electricity grid, streetlights, and water municipals, wireless sensors offer a lower-cost method for collecting system health data to reduce energy usage and better manage resources.
KNOWX teaches you how remote monitoring covers a wide range of applications where wireless systems can complement wired systems by reducing wiring costs and allowing new types of measurement applications.
Remote monitoring applications include:
Environmental monitoring of air, water, and soil
Structural monitoring for buildings and bridges
Industrial machine monitoring
Process monitoring
Asset tracking
You will learn how researchers are using wireless measurements to monitor carbon transfer in rain forests by reading the case study


Projects based on Real time industrial requirements:

Achieving High-Performance Cellular Data Services: Improving LTE
Improvement of UHF, RFID Safety and Security: Securing a data while transmitting
Cooperative Routing Protocols in Cognitive Radio Networks: Improving multi path channel
Resource Scheduling Approach to Improve the Reliability: TDMA protocol to allocate optimal time slots
Collision-Free Any cast Transmission Scheduling: The DBR protocol uses deliver data packets to the sinks

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Wireless Sensor Network Training Internship in KNOWX, you will be getting experience on

The market is trending with the network jobs like network security/technician/system/infrastructure/analyst/signal processing/administrator engineer.

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