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Internet of Things (IoT) Advanced Training
IOT Arduino course lets you master C programming, Arduino Microcontrollers, System design, Embedded tools.
You will learn Arduino, Hardware interfaces, IOT system design, IOT sensors.
Implement real life projects in Industry automation, RFID, Vehicle automation, Vehicle Tracking,
100% Placement Support after the training.
Work on real-life industry projects
Highly Expertise Instructors over 10+ Years Industry Experience.
Well Equipped Class Rooms and Lab Facility to Practice.
Resume & Interviews Preparation Support.

Course Curriculum:

Arduino is an open-source, single-board, microcontroller for building devices that can sense and control objects in the physical world. In this instructor-led, participants will learn how to program the Arduino for real-world usage, such as to control lights, motors and motion detection sensors. We provide Internet of Things Iot Arduino training in Bangalore.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
Program Arduino to control lights, motors, and other devices.
Understand Arduino's architecture, including inputs and connectors for add-on devices.
Add third-party components such as LCD displays, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and GPS trackers to extend Arduino's functionality.
Understand the various options in programming languages, from C to drag-and-drop languages.
Test, debug, and deploy the Arduino to solve real world problems. Audience
Beginner developers/engineering students.
Hardware/software technicians
Technical persons in all industries


  • Introduction


    30 hours of instructor-led training..
    5 industry projects and use cases using using embedded hardware and embedded tools.
    Hands-on practice on microcontrollers/development boards/embedded interfaces


    Software Engineer
    Engineering Manager - IoT
    Machine Learning and IoT Trainer
    Senior Tech Lead
    Junior full stack developer
    IoT developer

Top Arduino Projects Arduino Project Ideas, Mini projects using Arduino uno.

Arduino is an open source microcontroller platform has been very popular and lucrative option for students to design their innovative projects. By using this platform students can easily realize their ideas and concepts. These includes Robotics, Home automation projects, Health monitoring using medical sensors, Industrial automation, IOT based projects, Image processing, security applications. Agriculture automation like greenhouse monitoring, water conservation, solar power monitoring and list goes on…
We at CITL-tech varsity in Bangalore, the best training and projects development institute helps all the final year Engineering students ECE, CSE, Medical electronics, Mechanical engineering, EEE(electrical), MCA, Mtech students to build the best projects for their academic requirements.we have very extensive list of projects in various domains. We can meet all the requirements that includes Arduino UNO robot projects, Arduino UNO projects for beginners, Arduino projects for final year projects. Arduino based mini projects, Arduino advanced projects.

List of Arduino based projects using Arduino Uno board for final year students.

Arduino Home automation projects.
Arduino projects using sensors for medical electronics.
Arduino projects using sensors for Industrial automation.
RFID based projects using Arduino.
Arduino based Robot projects.
Arduino Uno projects for beginners.

In this tutorial, we design an Arduino Uno Robotic Arm. Entire arm will be designed from some scrap material and servos. Entire process of construction has been explained in detail below. The arm has been built with cardboards and the individual parts have been locked to servo motors. Arduino Uno is programmed to control servo motors. Servos are serving as joints of Robotic arm here. This setup also looks as a Robotic Crane or we can convert it into a Crane by some easy tweaks.
This Arduino Robotic Arm can be controlled by four Potentiometer attached to it, each potentiometer is used to control each servo. You can move these servos by rotating the pots to pick some object, with some practice you can easily pick and move the object from one place to another. We have used low torque servos here but you can use more powerful servos to pick heavy object.

Components Required:

Arduino Uno
1000uF Capacitor (4 pieces)
100nF Capacitor (4 pieces)
Servo Motor (SG 90- four pieces)
10K pot- Variable Resistor (4 pieces)
Power Supply (5v- preferably two)

A robotic kit based on the Arduino. The Arduino UNO R3 board is used as control system, a step-down DC-DC converter module to reduce input voltage and a motor driver module with L298N. More importantly, a sensor shield is used for obstacle detection, line detecting, light seeking, so With the sample sketches provided, you can make the car move forward/backward and turn left/right, follow a line, seek light and avoid obstacles.

Autonomous race car using Arduino uno.

Construct an autonomous driving robot car using an RC toy car. An Arduino UNO board (plus a motor driver board) and gave it an ultrasonic distance measuring module for detecting obstacles on the path.
Parts List.
Toy car
Arduino Uno
Motor driver board (2 channel)
Ultrasonic sensor distance measuring module
PCB board for circuit assembly.

Air and sound pollution is a creating issue nowadays. Here we propose an air quality and furthermore stable sullying watching system that licenses us to screen and check live air quality and what's more stable tainting in a particular zones through IOT. Structure uses air sensors to distinguish proximity of frightful gasses/blends perceptible all around and constantly transmit this data to microcontroller. The sensors team up with microcontroller which shapes this data and transmits it over web. If system recognizes air quality and confusion issues it alerts experts so they can take measures to control the issue.
Air and sound pollution is a growing issue these days. It is necessary to monitor air quality and keep it under control for a better future and healthy living for all. Here we propose an air quality as well as sound pollution monitoring system that allows us to monitor and check live air quality as well as sound pollution in a particular areas through IOT. System uses air sensors to sense presence of harmful gases/compounds in the air and constantly transmit this data to microcontroller. Also system keeps measuring sound level and reports it to the online server over IOT.

Hardware :
Temperture Sensors
Sound Sensors
Node MCU
Wifi Modem
LCD Display
Humidity sensor
GAS sensor

Arduino IDE
MC Programming Language: C
IoT(Things Speak/Osmosis/Ubidots)

The main objective is to build the door bell using the IOT technologies so that we can explore the advantage of the Internet of things technology and its features. In this project we are proposing to build an IoT doorbell using Raspberry Pi with the help of the AWS IoT platform. Once the visitor pressed the doorbell, it will publish and an alert will be sent using the AWS SNS service by Email or SMS, so I know someone is knocking my door, no matter where I am. Visitors no longer need to call me and simply let the IoT doorbell to do the job, deafness people also benefit using it so they can alert from the vibration of their phone.
We can also add USB webcam so our IoT doorbell will take a picture of visitor, upload it using FTP (or you can use the AWS service for storing the image) and attach the link in the email or SMS message sent.
If you want, you can add voice/video call capability on Raspberry Pi so you can talk to your visitor over the phone, or you can add sensor to get alerted when someone tries to break into your house. It can also interact with the other IoT appliance inside the home to pretend someone is here!
Hardware components:
Raspberry Pi 3
Usb Webcam.
Software:Amazon web services(AWS IOT)

Raspberry Pi based Smart Environmental Monitoring using IOT.

The goal is to build a small and easy to use device to monitor temperature, humidity, noise levels, luminosity and atmospheric pressure. The idea is to have multiple devices spread across the city to send environmental data to the AWS IoT platform for processing and analysis.
With this real time data , new public services could be offered, for example:
Trigger alarms in case of dangerous measurements detected
Finding out the least polluted places in the city at a given time: parks, squares or any public outdoors places.
Find out high polluted places to avoid
Find out the measurements from the nearest monitoring device

IOT Smart city –street light monitoring system.

Other projects.
IOT based smart Traffic intimation system.
IOT based smart ambulance.
Internet radio.
Video door phone.

IOT BASED Smart power monitoring system(solar panel)


IOT based SMART HOME security system.

Other projects.
Temperature and Gas
Motion detection and LDR
Fire and smoke detection
Door status
Pressure sensor to indicate water level The proposed home automation system can able to send the notification to the user about the status through mail/sms


IoT Based Smart Healthcare Kit

Up-to-date medication and allergy lists
Latest home health readings (such as blood pressure, blood glucose,)
Your health history : HealthVault not only helps you store, organize, but also give this information to Concerned doctor.

Driving Parameters Analysis System

In view of the accidents due to the negligence of the driver, a precautionary monitoring system needs to be established. So we are proposing this system 'Driving Parameters Analysis System' is put forth to facilitate the hassle-free transportation and the care that has to be perceived by every driver. By using Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, this system is deployed to analyse the driving skills of a person for application in many spheres.
As a result, accidents occurring due to negligence of the driver can reduce in number since an overall precautionary system is established through continual monitoring of this proposed system. Urban areas in specific to Metropolitan and Smart Cities

If you are an interested beginner or an industrialist who would wish to improve current features of IoT Arduino, this training program is very useful for you. We are providing professional IoT Arduino training (in Bangalore) to individuals. Our well-experienced industry experts develop participants with the fundamental and advanced skills and knowledge for designing and developing IoT solutions.

INTERN GURUKUL, best IoT Arduino training institutes in Bangalore, India that provide quality knowledge to students. We provide real-time and placement oriented Internet of Things IoT Arduino training in Bangalore. We aim to promote excellence in training.

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