Python and Machine learning

Learn in-demand Python and Machine Learning concepts with real-world hands-on projects.

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20th July 2020


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An integration of high end laboratory facilities, globally recognized domains and industry oriented expertise.

We have adopted a unique strategy to transform thousands of aspiring engineers with the support of industry professionals, research work, 1000+ live projects with product development exposure.

Training methodology & Delivery

Training is structured in such a way that it is focussed more on building practicle skills required for the industry. Will have online sessions on technology and mini projects as assignments.

600+ hours of skill training

This program is specially designed to build the experience by working on live projects so that student can meet employers requirement easily.

10 mini and 5 Major projects

We cover all the pre-requisites of that business model. What skills you need,what tools are needed and most importantly how much money you need to invest before getting started.

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Knowledge is of no value unless you put into practice.

Internship Training At Intern Gurukul.

We have adopted a unique strategy to transform thousands of aspiring engineers with the support of industry professionals

Research work
Live projects & Product development exposure
Project Reviews
Unlimited hands-on technical skills embeds professionalism
Self-reliance and strong ethical Values
Competent Industry Ready Engineers
Personal career coaching
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Intern Gurukul invites candidates aiming for promising careers in core technological domains and willing to work for product based companies, Research, innovation and start-ups.

Course Syllabus

Python and Machine learning

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Python Specialization course and will introduce fundamental programming concepts including data structures, networked application program interfaces, and databases, using the Python programming language. You will be working on real time projects and you’ll use the technologies learned throughout the Specialization to design and create your own applications for data retrieval, processing, and visualization.

Learn how to install Python, distinguish between important data types and use basic features of the Python interpreter, IDLE.

Installation of Python and Pycharm
Using the Python Interpreter IDLE
Salient Features of Python
Basic Syntax of Python

Learn about numeric, string, sequence and dictionary data types and relevant operations while practicing Python syntax.

Data Types and Variables
Numeric Data Types
String Data Type
List Data Type
Tuple Data Type
Dictionary Data Type

Learn how to write programs using conditionals, loops, iterators and generators, functions and modules and packages.

Understanding Programs and Programming
Using Conditionals Statements(if, if..else, if..elif..else)
Using Loops (for, While)
Using Functions
Using Functions from Built-in Modules
Constructing Modules and Packages

Learn about the important features of Object-oriented Programming while using Classes and Objects, two main aspects of the OOP paradigm.

Overview of OOP
Declaring Class and Creating Object
Understanding Inheritance

About sequences
Indexing and slicing
Iterating through a sequence
Functions for all sequences
Using enumerate ()
Operators and keywords for sequences
The xrange () function
Nested sequences
List comprehensions
Generator expressions

About dictionaries
When to use dictionaries
Creating dictionaries
Getting dictionary values
Iterating through a dictionary
Reading file data into a dictionary
Counting with dictionaries
About sets
Creating sets
Working with sets

Learn about relational databases while learning how to store and retrieve data from an SQLite database through Python.

Introduction to SQL
Creating an MySQL database
Accessing MySQL Database using Python

Learn how to create a graphical user interface using common widgets and menu systems.

GUI and Event driven programming
Tk Designer
Using Common Widgets
Geometry Management
Designing Menu Systems

Learn file operations using python

Create file using Python
Access file using Python
Append file using Python

Exception handling using try..except..else
Exception handling using try..finally..

Socket Module
Client and server
Internet modules

Learn about various resources to extend your learning for the Python programming language. Excited to learn Python

Project Details

Smart voting

Smart voting system based on biometric authentication. In this project user can register his face & cast voting using aadhar card & voter id in case if his name s not found in the vote casting list. It is achieved using haarcascade algorithm for facial recognition using python programming language & opencv libraries

Vehicle Speed Detection

We are developing a Machine Learning project to determine the speed or pace of the vehicle/vehicles in km/hr using image processing technique. We are using tkinter to execute this project.

OCR based Number Plate Detection

As name suggest that identify the Indian number plates using OCR tool and Opencv Libraries.

Sorting of Medication Reviews

We are developing a Machine Learning project to find the drug reviews. We are using SVM, KNN and Naïve Bayes algorithms to find the drug or medication reviews with the percentage of positivity and negativity. We are using three kinds of drugs dataset. We are also using UI to execute the project.

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Knowx Inovation offers best internship for ece & cse aspirants who are pursuing B.E & is open up for students from II sem to VIII sem. Python is the buzz of today’s tech generation that will shape the future world and pave the path for your career. On completion of python internship 2020 from Knowx you will acquire the basic concepts and techniques of Python Learning to solve practical problems.Online Internship training in python learning will acquire skills required to design and implement python learning solutions to classification, regression, and clustering problems; and be able to evaluate and interpret the results of the algorithms & bring the results to the User interface. Online Internship in python learning helps in analysing the data as well as identifying trends.