Raspberry PI and Arduino-IOT

Master the programming and design of popular open source hardware, build innovative projects. Easily realize your ideas and concepts.

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Training is structured in such a way that it is focussed more on building practicle skills required for the industry. Will have online sessions on technology and mini projects as assignments.

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We have adopted a unique strategy to transform thousands of aspiring engineers with the support of industry professionals

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Course Syllabus

Raspberry PI and Arduino-IOT

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Master the programming and design of popular open source hardware, build innovative projects. Easily realize your ideas and concepts.

Introduction to Arduino

Introduction to Embedded Systems
Understanding an embedded system.
Study of market profile.

Review of Basic Concepts
Overview of basic electronics and digital electronics.
Microcontroller vs. Microprocessor
Common features of Microcontroller.
Comparison between different types of microcontrollers.

Introduction to Arduino
Pin configuration and architecture.
Device and platform features.
Concept of a digital and analog ports.

Using an Optocoupler
Isolating control and logic circuit

Interfacing DC motors to Arduino
H-Bridge Circuit
Making of power supply and a basic robotic car

Type of relays.
Working of a magnetic relay.
Controlling Electrical appliances with electromagnetic relays.

Interfacing a 8 bit LCD to Arduino
Fixed one line static message display.
Running message display.
Using the LCD Library of Arduino.

Interfacing a Matrix Keypad to Arduino
Working of a matrix keypad
Using the keypad library to interface with Arduino.

Serial Communication
Analog inputs and ADC
Interfacing Servo motors to Arduino
Interfacing Stepper Motors to Arduino
Interfacing of a bluetooth Module

Introduction to Raspberry Pi
Projects in Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Hardware
Linux Fundamentals
Various Distributions available on Raspberry Pi
Getting distributions for Raspberry Pi on a SD card and booting Pi.
Getting the Essential Software's
Getting started with python and python first code
Raspberry Pi GPIO's.

Python 3 Basics
Python 3 Advanced Concepts
Setting Up and using Raspberry Pi
Scientific Python Ecosystem
Basics of NumPy and Matplotlib
Image Processing
Basics of Machine Learning and Data Science
Hardware and GPIO of Raspberry Pi
LED project with Raspberry Pi GPIO

LED interfacing
Communication program
LCD interface program
Analog to Digital conversion(I2C)
Sensors interfacing
GSM interfacing
Video Streaming

IOT-Raspberry Pi based air quality monitoring project.
IOT- Raspberry Pi based home automation project.
IOT based industrial automation.
Raspberry pi based cat feeder using IOT.
Raspberry Pi based IOT gateway.

Line Follower Robot.
Bomb diffusion robot.
Fire fighting Robot
RF based robot.
GSM controlled car with stereo and head lights.
LED Display board.
Anti collision robot.
RF controlled robot.
RFID based attendance system.
RFID based home security system
Intelligent home locking system.
Intelligent water level management system.
Home automation using RFID.
Real time clock based home automation.

Project Details

Penalty charging for unauthorized car parking area

Increase in number of vehicles in urban areas, and people wants to park their vehicles in an unauthorized areas, finding a free parking space in urban cities especially during peak hours is more or less impossible, in many cases. Here we propose a system that allows for automatic illegal parking detection and alerting.

Raspberrypi for parking slot management through cloud

Parking spaces are very important in metropolitan cities. Since the number of car buyers have substantially increased in these years. Therefore there is a urgent need to develop a system that will manage the car parking. In short there is a need I to develop a system which directly indicates which lane is vacant.

Raspberrypi for coalmine safety

This paper designs a monitoring system for coal mine safety based on IOT wireless network. The sensor nodes will send the collected data to an embedded network controller based on Raspberry pi through multi-hop method. And then the controller receives the data and sends them to the ground PC by the conversion of http protocol.


In this system provided syringe infusion pump along with the Raspberry pi. The anesthetist can set the level of anaesthesia in terms of milliliters per hour to administer anaesthesia to the patient after receiving the signal.

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