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An integration of high end laboratory facilities, globally recognized domains and industry oriented expertise.

We have adopted a unique strategy to transform thousands of aspiring engineers with the support of industry professionals, research work, 1000+ live projects with product development exposure.

Training methodology & Delivery

Training is structured in such a way that it is focussed more on building practicle skills required for the industry. Will have online sessions on technology and mini projects as assignments.

600+ hours of skill training

This program is specially designed to build the experience by working on live projects so that student can meet employers requirement easily.

10 mini and 5 Major projects

We cover all the pre-requisites of that business model. What skills you need,what tools are needed and most importantly how much money you need to invest before getting started.

Record placements more than 95%

We have successfully nurtured careers of budding technical talent, growing high in companies like to name a few INTEL, MICROSOFT, IBM,BOSCH, SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, CISCO, Startups.

Knowledge is of no value unless you put into practice.

Internship Training At Intern Gurukul.

We have adopted a unique strategy to transform thousands of aspiring engineers with the support of industry professionals

Research work
Live projects & Product development exposure
Project Reviews
Unlimited hands-on technical skills embeds professionalism
Self-reliance and strong ethical Values
Competent Industry Ready Engineers
Personal career coaching
Resume shared with 300 + employers

Intern Gurukul invites candidates aiming for promising careers in core technological domains and willing to work for product based companies, Research, innovation and start-ups.

Course Syllabus

Web development

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Develop the skills to build high quality websites and dynamic applications to create stunning user experiences for the web.

HTML Introduction

HTML Page Structure
Tags and Elements
Text Formatting
Cascading Style Sheets
Box Model
Creating Layouts


Containing elements
Glyphicons Tables
Column / Rows

Introduction to database

Introduction to DBMS
Creating the first database
Alter & Drop Foreign Key & Truncate DML
SQL Joins
Additional SQL features

PHP: Introduction

Database Connection
SELECT Query with PHP (Part I)
SELECT Query with PHP (Part II)
Basic security
Validations with HTML5/PHP

A swiggy Application for food Ordering System
Metro card issues and recharge system
Waste management system a smart city application
Gym management system
A web based Architectural product sale
Picturelens: A website for online photography training.
Retro cars system.

Project Details


It is a web-based open discussion portal providing information and solutions about crops, fertilizers, soil, and climate to farmers. The portal provides soil analysis for various regions and suggestions based on the soil condition and climate. It explores questions such as: “which fertilizers to use where and in what quantity”, “which crop, vegetable, or herb should grown where and in which season”, etc.

Architectural Product Sales

The Architectural product sale system provides convenience for the customers. It overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional queuing system. This system increases the takeaway of some Architectural products. Therefore, this system enhances the speed and standardization of taking the order from the customer. It provides a better communication platform.

Retro car(sale and bidding)

Retro car and Vintage car online sale and bidding " is an online bidding web site aimed at taking the bid to the finger tips of aspiring bidders there by opening up the doors of the "OPEN Bidding Car' to a wider cross section of Art Lovers and Antique Collectors.The site makes sure that the sellers get a fair deal and buyers get a genuine product.

Digital Health Care System

The main intention of introducing this system is to reduce the manual work at Health center counters. Every sort of task is performed by the system, such as registering different types of persons (i.e. employees and others) ,enquiries, and complaints etc. reducing much paper work and burden of file storage.

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Knowx Inovation offers best internship for ece & cse aspirants who are pursuing B.E & is open up for students from II sem to VIII sem. Online Internship for cse : On completion of internship in web development makes you proficient in skills to work with back-end and front-end web technologies. You will be able to design & deploy end to end robust web applications and apps using Java,jsp,php and stand ahead to catch the eye of organizations on the cutting edge technology.